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Product introduction:

Urea is an organic compound with the chemical formula NH2CONH2. This organic compound is in the form of white crystals, odorless and relatively non-toxic, and has high solubility in water. Urea is widely used as a rich and suitable source of nitrogen in chemical fertilizers. In fact, more than 90% of urea production in the world contains nitrogen for use as chemical fertilizers. In general applications, urea has the highest nitrogen content of all solid nitrogen fertilizers. Accordingly, urea has the lowest transportation cost per unit of nitrogen feed. Urea hydrolyzes in the soil and turns into ammonia and carbon dioxide. Ammonia resulting from this process is oxidized to nitrate by the bacteria in the soil and as a result is absorbed by the plant. Urea is also one of the important raw materials in the chemical industry and it is used in the production of all kinds of plastics, especially urea formaldehyde resins, adhesives such as urea formaldehyde and urea melamine formaldehyde, potassium cyanate and urea nitrate.

Urea production process:

At first, urea was obtained industrially by the method of calcium cyanamide hydration; However, progress in ammonia production technology led to the development of a direct method of producing urea from ammonia and carbon dioxide. In the current method, these two substances react with each other to produce ammonium carbamate. In the next step, ammonium carbamate is converted into urea by losing a water molecule; These two reactions are performed as follows.

• 2NH3 + CO2 → NH2COONH4 (Ammonium carbamate)

• NH2COONH4 → H2O + NH2CONH2 (Urea)

The difference between urea prill and granule fertilizer:

Urea fertilizer can be found in two forms, granule and prill, and the biggest difference is in the dimensions and size of urea fertilizer. Normally, the size of grains in granular urea fertilizer is about 2-4 mm and in urea-perill fertilizer is 1-2.4 mm. Note that in both models of urea-peril and granular fertilizer, the percentage of nitrogen available is 46%. However, in different companies, these products are produced in different sizes.


This product is available in 50 kg packages, 1200 kg jumbo bags and in bulk.


Granular Urea


Prilled Urea(Grade B)


Prilled Urea(Grade A)