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Product introduction:

Methanol is a chemical compound known as a polycarbonate alcohol with the formula CH₃OH. This colorless substance with specific smell and high volatility is soluble in water and is used in industry as an active energy source, powerful solvent, and raw material for the production of chemical products.

Methanol production process:

The general process of methanol production generally includes the following steps:

  1. Synthesis gas production: This stage involves the production of a mixture of hydrogen (H2) and carbon dioxide (CO), which is commonly known as synthesis gas. This mixture is in the form of flue gases.
  2. Synthesis gas purification: Synthesis gas produced may contain impurities such as sulfur, silica and other pollutants. These gases must be purified to prevent damage to the catalysts.
  3. Conversion of synthesis gas to methanol: In the presence of a catalyst, synthesis gas enters a reactor where, under certain pressure and temperature conditions, chemical reactions convert synthesis gas to methanol.
  4. Methanol separation: The product from the reactor is a mixture of methanol, water and other components. Separation of methanol from this mixture is mainly achieved through distillation and absorption processes.
  5. Refinement and purification: The obtained methanol needs to be refined and purified to reach the desired level of purity. These processes include removing water, removing impurities and adding necessary additives.
  6. Production of methanol on an industrial scale: in this stage, the produced methanol is packaged and distributed in bulk in industrial production units.

Properties of methanol:

Standards and certificates:

ASTM D1152 – Standard Specification for Methanol (Methyl Alcohol):

ISO 15422 – Methanol Specification:

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