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It is a pleasure that Rah Sabze Trading Company, as a dynamic and innovative trading company in the field of exporting petrochemical products such as urea, methanol, etc., building stones, as well as dried fruit products such as pistachios, etc., welcomes you dear ones.

Why Green Ways?

  1. Commitment to quality: We are committed to high quality and global standards in all stages of production and export of urea, methanol and Steel products. Our products have the best international standards that will guarantee your business success.
  2. Sustainability and environmental protection: Our company attaches great importance to environmental protection by emphasizing the attitude of responsibility. We are looking for innovative solutions to reduce the negative effects of industry on the environment.
  3. Expert team: The dynamic and expert team of Green Ways has a lot of experience and knowledge in the field of export. We are proudly committed to providing valuable services and products to our customers.
  4. Partnership with customers and suppliers: We enjoy active partnerships with our customers and suppliers to ensure that all parties benefit from this cooperation and to elevate our business relationships to higher levels.
  5. Initiative and innovation: Seeking initiative and innovation in the business process and upgrading processes for the well-being of customers and sustainable growth.

Green ways Trading Company

Welcome to a world of opportunities and export success with Green Ways. Join us and continue on your path to success with a trusted partner.


Health, Safety, and the Environment (HSE)

The Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) certificate is a recognition of an organization’s commitment to maintaining high standards in health, safety, and environmental practices. This certification reflects the implementation of effective management systems and processes to ensure the well-being of individuals, the prevention of accidents, and the protection of the environment

Quality Management Systems (QMS)

The Quality Management Systems (QMS) certificate signifies the implementation of an efficient management system to ensure and improve the quality of a organization’s products and services. This certification indicates the organization’s commitment to implementing quality standards and processes, continuous improvement, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Health, Safety, and the Environment


The Health, Safety, and Environment Management System (HSE-MS) certificate signifies the implementation of a cohesive and managerial system across three areas: safety, health, and environmental aspects by an organization. This certification emphasizes that the certified organization has systematically and consistently implemented standards and requirements related to safety, health, and environmental aspects, and is committed to continuous improvement in these areas.